We are now offering free shipping on orders totaling $25.00 or more.

As of December 17, 2015, all packages will be shipped to Billing Address only.  

We accept credit cards/debit cards online or Visa, Mastercard & Discover or check via Paypal.  Customers do not have to create an account with Paypal to pay for their purchase.  Credit card and/or bank statements will reflect "Blue Moon Antiques" as the point of sale.  Customers may mail a check or money order from the US Postal Service with their order.  Please bear in mind that the stamps you are ordering may be sold before we receive your order if the order is not placed online.  You may place your order online to reserve your stamps by placing the items you want into the shopping cart, filling out the required information and choosing check or money order as your payment method.  The shopping cart will give you the grand total for your order.  Your items will be removed from our website while your payment is en route.  We must receive your payment within 7 days of placing the order online.  If not received, the items will be placed back on the website.  Please include your phone number or e-mail address with your order so we may contact you, if necessary.  Orders will not be shipped until we have received confirmation that the payment has cleared.

Our shipping charges are based on the total of your order.  Your signature will be required on all orders of $200.00 and above.  Customers who opt to mail a check or money order must add the shipping charges and sales tax, if applicable, to their purchase total.  Our shipping charges are:

$0.01 - $4.99 = $0.75 

$5.00 - $24.99 = $1.50 

$25.00 - $49.99 = $2.95 

$50.00 - $99.99 = $4.95 

$100.00 - $199.99 = $7.50 

$200.00 - $399.99 = $14.95 

$400.00 - 750.00 = $19.95
Your purchase will be shipped within 3 days of confirmation of payment unless otherwise notified.  You will receive e-mail confirmation when your order has been shipped. We use the U S Postal Service for delivery of all packages. 

All orders shipped to the State of New Jersey are subject to 6.625% sales tax. 

We do not use file photos.  What you see is the actual product that will ship.  This practice will serve you and us well as it should minimize returns due to the condition/appearance of selected products. 

Stock Pages and mounts are not included unless otherwise stated.  

On "Country by the Page" selections, the page is shipped as is.  Blue Moon Philatelic uses appropriate materials for shipping and handling.   

Used stamps have been postally used.  They may have hinge remnants and signs of use, age, etc.  All items are scanned unless otherwise noted.  Therefore, no surprise when your selections arrive.  

Mint Stamps are normally indicated as MH or MNH.  There is the possibility of light pencil markings on the back.  While this is not the norm, it may be noticed on an occasional foreign or older US Stamp.  On lower end stamps, this may not be indicated in the item description or considered an issue.  

Plate Blocks are valued at Durland.  Due to position and plate number considerations, we consider this an honest and fair representation of value, more so than Scott or any other value source that we are aware of.  Happy Hunting!!!

The back of most stamps selling at about $6.00 and up are scanned regardless of the condition.

Please pay attention to the scans.  All scans are 300 x 300 dpi / 24 bit color.  This practice is intended to aid you in your decision making and to promote your satisfaction with our product.  

2nds Stamps:  It does not take very much to place a stamp in the 2nds pile.  Many of the 2nds are not of minimum value.  Normally, the stamps have minor faults ie. thins, gum spots or skips, crease or fold, centering, short perfs, toning, a small tear, heavy hinged, etc.  Most of the 2nds are still very collectible and may be considered desirable, to a degree, depending on your personal criteria.  Therefore- Blue Moon Philatelic offers 2nds at a steep discount to offer an opportunity for a young collector, a collector with financial constraints or any collector with the desire to fill in the blanks the option to do so.

Due to time constraints, we are unable to reply to appraisal requests.

Blue Moon Philatelic offers the following Return Policy:

Returns will be accepted if postmarked within 15 days the items were shipped to you.  Shipping charges are non-refundable unless the item is not as described or wrong item was shipped.  Returns should be shipped intact (as shipped) and properly packaged to prevent damage.  Partial returns of items sold as a set will not be accepted.  Any returned item that is obviously not what was shipped, as compared to scans, will not be refunded.  Otherwise, the purchase price minus shipping charges will be refunded.  No restocking fees will apply.